1. What is LAUNCH Nordic?

LAUNCH Nordic is a global innovation platform tackling sustainability challenges within materials and manufacturing. LAUNCH Nordic partners are united by a commitment to helping green the value chain of materials, initiate industry collaborations, and scale sustainability innovations in materials.

LAUNCH Nordic sponsors an annual Innovation Challenge, with 2017’s theme focusing on design and manufacturing for circular economy.

We are interested in innovations with the potential to scale in two years, as well as game changing early stage technologies and prototypes. Innovations can be materials, technologies, business models, financial instruments, or initiatives that accelerate the shift to more sustainable materials and manufacturing.

The challenge is open to individuals, teams, startups, and established companies. The deadline for applications is September 1, 2017. In November 2017, up to 10 innovations will be selected, and then take part in a unique acceleration program that provides support, networking, and mentoring from influential business and government leaders.

To read more about LAUNCH Nordic, visit our about page

2. What types of innovations are LAUNCH Nordic looking for?

We are looking for innovative solutions that provide a strong value proposition while demonstrating clear sustainability impact.

Last year’s challenge statement focused on closed loop systems, and 2015’s challenge statement was concerning sustainable use of materials, including cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and recycling. You can find the chosen innovators here

3. Who can participate?

Any person, company, or organisation from anywhere in the world can apply with an idea, technology, or business plan that specifically addresses the current LAUNCH Nordic challenge statement. 

4. How can I participate?

Extensive information about the innovation challenge, including a video presentation, the challenge statement PDF, and the application link can be found here.

5. Why should I participate?

Participation in the LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge can help mature your innovation, and open the door to countless new opportunities.

The selected finalists will participate in the LAUNCH Nordic Forum, where they will present their innovations to and receive focused counseling from the LAUNCH Council.

The Council is an international panel from some of the world’s leading businesses, academic and policy institutions, and NGOs. Following the Forum, innovators will become part of the LAUNCH Accelerator process, where LAUNCH Nordic will facilitate access to and realisation of the opportunities identified at the Forum.

6. Can I submit my application in any other language than English?

No – due to the international composition of the LAUNCH Nordic partners and collaborators, all applications must be in English.

7. I have more than one innovation/product/service. What should I do?

You are welcome to submit more than one innovation per person/company/organisation. Simply fill out individual forms for each innovation you submit.

8. Are there any financial costs associated with submitting an application?

No, but you should be prepared to invest time in the process.

9. If I enter the challenge with a prototype, is my Intellectual Property safe?

We only request non-confidential or public domain material in the submission process. However, if your innovation is selected, you do need to accept a minimum of openness that allows the LAUNCH Nordic Council to understand and commit to the selected innovation.

We want to keep it simple, so the only terms you are required to commit to as part of your application are below:

I hereby agree and acknowledge that: (i) I am submitting to LAUNCH only non-confidential and public domain materials; (ii) I am authorised to submit this response to the LAUNCH Nordic Challenge 2017 and indemnify all LAUNCH participants, partners and organisers from any and all claims related to my intellectual property; (iii) I retain full rights over respective intellectual property; and (iv) I grant LAUNCH participants, partners, and organisers the right to share and distribute my submission materials for review purposes and for the marketing and promotion of LAUNCH. 

10. What are the judging criteria?

The evaluation of submitted innovations is based on four parameters:

  • The sustainability impact of your innovation
  • The business feasibility of your innovation
  • The scalability potential of your innovation
  • Your ability, as a team/organisation, to carry the innovation through

11. If I am a selected innovator, do I get paid travel and cost?

You can apply for paid travel and cost, with the decision based on financial setup of your company.

12. How should I stay informed during the process?

For general updates feel free to join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Once you submit an application, we will keep you updated by e-mail on the selection process.

13. Does LAUNCH Nordic profit financially from submitted innovations?

No – LAUNCH Nordic does not make a financial profit from submitted innovations, nor do we take financial stake in any person, company, or organisation that submits their innovation to us.

14. How is LAUNCH Nordic funded?

LAUNCH Nordic is funded by a core group of private and public partners who are engaging to accelerate the change towards a more sustainable system of materials and manufacturing.

15. What is the LAUNCH Nordic Council?

The LAUNCH Nordic Council is a selected group of key stakeholders and decision makers from pioneering companies, public organisations, and research institutions. They are all chosen based on their expertise and their commitment towards helping you, as an innovator, overcome the barriers to realising the full sustainability impact of your solution.

The Council members will come from within LAUNCH Nordic, as well as from LAUNCH partner groups and other organisations invited to participate based on the strong relevance to the challenge.