Uniting the builders of tomorrow

Our network is a growing community of the most disruptive thinkers, risk takers, and doers on the planet. Our goal is to enable our network to connect the dots between opportunity and system impact.

Interested in becoming a part of our network? Here’s how to connect with us.

What is the LAUNCH network?

Our network is cross-sectoral. 

The decision-makers we bring together represent the entire system, including the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The diversity of our network helps us avoid an echo-chamber effect.

“We believe that the innovations required to create the future won’t come from a single source. Not from science. Not from technology. Not from governments. Not from business. But from all of us.”

Hannah Jones | CSO & VP of the Innovation Accelerator | NIKE Inc.

Our network is full of leaders. 

We seek out people who have a proven track record in their field and decision-making power in their organizations. By connecting these network members with innovators, we make it easy for them to act upon decisions that directly impact their sustainability and social responsibility goals.

“At the LAUNCH Forum we not only got in contact with some of the most important actors on the market, we got a chance to develop our business plan in cooperation with both our future customers as well as our future suppliers. This was a true accelerator!”

Henrik Norlin, Re:Newcell: LAUNCH Textiles Innovator

Our network is active. 

Our members are involved in every step of the LAUNCH process, from challenge framing to reviewing applications to advising our innovators on their journey to scale.

“Collaboration can bring great results. For example, we work closely with Nike to pioneer new techniques for textile dyeing that dramatically reduce the use of water, energy and chemicals.”

Håkan Nordkvist | Head of Sustainability Innovation | IKEA Group