LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge 2017: Design and Manufacturing

LAUNCH is searching for innovators with potential to make history through new ways of design and manufacturing for a circular economy.

In 2017 we will select up to 10 innovative solutions and invite these innovators into the LAUNCH community.  Here, we will help them scale through collaboration with a world-class group of industry pioneers, government organizations, investors, innovation experts and technical capacities.

We are looking for:

  • Products that are designed to be reused and designed to last
  • Products that are built, recycled and disposed of with no negative impact for nature
  • Products manufactured locally using the natural and recycled resources available right around us
  • We want to use digital capabilities to help us responsibly manage our limited global resources

If you are working on an innovation with the potential to accelerate the shift to a circular and inclusive society, submit your application before September 1st!

Read the full challenge text in the PDF below and FAQ here.