A Powerful Network of Committed Change Agents

In an increasingly connected world, we have the ability to understand challenges at a global scale--implicating stakeholders across the full value chain in solution development and integration.

LAUNCH instigates system-wide collaboration through its curated network of innovators and thought leaders--a growing community of the most disruptive thinkers and doers on the planet. We do this by cultivating a common set of aspirations and a generous and open culture dedicated to addressing key LAUNCH challenges that allows our network to connect the dots between opportunity and system impact.

The LAUNCH Network helps shape our challenge statements, recruit and select innovators, and provide innovator support and mentorship. LAUNCH participants tell us that being a part of LAUNCH has been transformational in their personal and professional lives.

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Digital and social media allow us to Recruit, Engage, and Activate the LAUNCH Network in dynamic ways. Through a series of interactive digital events, we broaden the LAUNCH reach for innovators and future global partners. Come back to this page for updates on upcoming events!