2018 LAUNCH Circular Innovation Challenge

Customer Engagement and New Business Models

The 2018 LAUNCH Circular Innovators

At LAUNCH we imagine a world where renting, leasing or subscribing to a service gives you access to better experiences, more customized products, or even saves you money. This has been at the core of this year’s LAUNCH Circular Innovation Challenge. We set out on a journey to find pioneering Innovators around the world that are engaging customers in the circular economy, and we received 125 amazing innovations from around the world representing 36 different countries.

Follow an extensive review, we proudly recognize the 9 Innovators who are joining the LAUNCH family:

  • Circularise by Mesbah Sabur and Jordi de Vos – Open, distributed and secure communications protocol for the circular economy, which allows any stakeholder to add information and communicate about individual physical objects – founded in the Netherlands.
  • Deemly by Sara Green Brodersen and Jens Farvig Thomsen – Social verification tool for P2P platforms helping increase trust and activity – founded in Denmark.
  • EachThing by Sven Philipsen – Gives consumers the power to demand insight and transparency into the products they buy – via a mobile application for the consumer and a platform for producers – founded in Denmark.
  • Library of Things  by Emma Shaw, Sophia Wyatt and Rebecca Trevalyan – UK’s first high street offer for user-friendly item rental. The community-led ‘Zipcar for Things’ – founded in United Kingdom.
  • OLIO by Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One – Free food sharing app that connects users with unwanted food with neighbours living nearby who would like it – founded in United Kingdom.
  • RecyclePoints by Alison Ukonu and Chioma Ukonu – Waste recycling and social benefit venture that motivates people to recycle by creating value from their everyday waste – founded in Nigeria.
  • Seal by Bart Verschoor and Joris Verschoor – Digital twin platform with an untamperable virtual and physical link allows building digital features/apps on top of products. Their system gives products an identity by pairing a virtual counterpart to each unique item, on which digital services can run – founded in the Netherlands.
  • Stuffstr by John Atcheson and Steve Gutmann – Universal Consumer Buy-Back Programme that offers retail customers instant buy-back of every item purchased when they’re done using it – founded in USA.
  • Worn Again Technologies by Cyndi Rhoades – Pioneering polymer recycling technology to eradicate textiles waste and to enable circularity for the global textiles industry – founded in United Kingdom


What Happens Next

Each of the 9 Innovators has participated in the 2018 LAUNCH Circular Forum, an invite-only event which took place on December 5-6, 2018 in Bentonville, Arkansas. At the Forum, the Innovators presented and discussed their solution with around 35 industry executives, experts, government officials, and investors, all ready to help take the innovations to scale.

Following the LAUNCH Circular Forum, the LAUNCH team will be working with each Innovator to prioritize and capitalize on the relationships and resources they developed during the Forum, and to access the LAUNCH network in pursuit of specific opportunities. This bespoke support is designed to help the Innovators advance their innovation, usually in one or two priority areas identified prior to or during the Forum. 


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If you are interested in connecting with one of the selected Innovators or have inputs and ideas that can help them scale, please let us know.
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