Our Process

LAUNCH is a network-centered innovation platform that facilitates the identification and adoption of solutions to address complex challenges. Our process involves convening, facilitating and accelerating diverse stakeholders to support innovation as a lever for change.  

In multiple challenge-focused innovation cycles, LAUNCH facilitates participants to deeply understand the challenge, define requirements and other keys to success, then seek, vet and propel innovation forward. 

The LAUNCH model has been recognized as an innovation in itself, and its methodology has been replicated by other platforms in both the public and private sectors.  

Outcomes of each LAUNCH cycle include: 

  • A networked-sourced understanding of the challenge  
  • A multi-disciplinary network deeply engaged in the challenge space and committed to finding and supporting solutions 
  • A set of clear financial, technical and end-user requirements for success 
  • An investor community primed and eager to support high-potential Innovators
  • High-potential Innovators coached, supported and moved forward by the network