Why you should apply to LAUNCH Circular Challenge

August 15, 2018
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August 15, 2018 Stine Kolding Pedersen


Are you also curious on what happens after you have applied? In the following you will learn why dozens of Innovators have joined our LAUNCH ecosystem and the benefits they have received.

As a LAUNCH Innovator you will get access to a world-class network of investors, pioneering companies and mentors from our LAUNCH Partners – including IKEA Group, eBay, VF Corporation, Novozymes, Kvadrat, Region Skåne, and other governmental institutions – and the LAUNCH Community as well as other leading global organizations, who are all ready to help scale your innovation. The LAUNCH Network is a network of industry professionals who knows what it takes for innovations to succeed and achieve sustainable growth.


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So, the inevitable question “What’s in it for me?”

If you are selected as one of the final top Innovators, you will:

  • Become a part of the LAUNCH network and innovation ecosystem, gaining access to connections and dialogues with key stakeholders from corporations, government, investment, and academia resulting in visibility for your work, exposure to new ways of thinking and opportunities to grow your business.
  • Take part in the LAUNCH Forum, December 5-6, where you will collaborate with a curated group of pioneering companies, other innovators, public organisations and investors on how to scale your business and impact (see the pictures from LAUNCH 2017 here).
  • Continued support for scaling your impact with a customized and tailored Acceleration Program, through LAUNCH network engagements during and beyond this challenge cycle.
  • Work with the LAUNCH team to create a concise, high-impact presentation, tailored towards the LAUNCH network.
  • Get a professional video of your innovation story, featured on LAUNCH.org, and accessible for your use in promotional activities.


So what’s the process?

Let us take you through the process of our LAUNCH Circular Challenge:


LAUNCH timeline - Circular Challenge 2018



The first step is submitting a very easy application via our online submission page. In this application, you will have the opportunity to briefly explain your innovation, its sustainability impact, and your motivation for applying. The Challenge will close at deadline September 1st.


After the deadline, our team of expert reviewers helps us determine which innovations are most relevant and potentially disruptive for a shift towards a more circular economy. Once these subject matter experts have helped us narrow down the numbers, we conduct phone interviews with the top 20 Innovators to dive deeper into those selected innovations. LAUNCH Partners and experts will then choose who the final top Innovators should be. The LAUNCH Team will announce the top Innovators in Mid October.


Finally, we invite the top Innovators to join our LAUNCH Community. The selected Innovators will be invited to attend this year’s LAUNCH Forum in Denmark on December 3-6, 2018. Here they will get the opportunity to present and discuss their solutions with 35 industry executives, circular economy experts, customer and material experts, government officials, and investors. These ‘Council Members’ have agreed to contribute their expertise, insight, and guidance to our Innovators, making commitments wherever possible. The Council Members will help in creating access to new markets, networks, testing, or resources that can help grow and scale the Innovators’ solutions.


Following the Forum, Innovators will become part of the LAUNCH Accelerator Process, where LAUNCH Circular will facilitate access to and realisation of the opportunities identified at the LAUNCH Forum. This acceleration process has no limited time, because we believe that some commitments from the council should be unlocked in a specific order and when the timing is right.


Participation in the LAUNCH Circular Innovation Challenge can, therefore, help mature your innovation, and open the door to countless new opportunities.


So what are you waiting for?

APPLY NOW for this year’s LAUNCH Circular Innovation Challenge on ‘Customer Engagement and New Business Models’ – SUBMIT YOUR INNOVATION HERE!

If you have ANY questions, big or small, don’t hesitate to send Stine Kolding an email at stine@launch.org.

And if you still hunger for more information, you can find that here: