October 14, 2016 matt.scott

By Sissel Mai Ødegaard

The LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge 2016: Closing the Loop received 120 submissions from innovators based in thirty six different countries. Today, we are proud to announce the six selected Innovators:

  • Globechain is a platform to connect businesses, charities and people around reusing unwanted items. (UK)
  • Infinited Fibre Company is a closed loop solution for the textile industry. (FI)
  • BioCellection is a biotech solution that uses bacteria to upcycle plastic. (US)
  • Queen of Raw is an online sustainable materials marketplace for suppliers and designers. (US)
  • Kabadiwalla Connect is a system to help cities manage recyclable waste, by leveraging the informal waste ecosystem. (IN)
  • Shrilk (pictured) is a biodegradable alternative to plastic that is inspired by the insect cuticle. (SI)

The LAUNCH Nordic Board selected this year's six Closing the Loop Innovators, following an extensive review conducted by nearly forty experts from industry, research organization and government institutions. Each of the selected Closing the Loop submissions offered transformative ideas to accelerate the adoption of a circular economy and more sustainable materials.

The six selected Innovators are invited to attend this year’s LAUNCH Nordic Forum in Malmö, SWE, on December 1, 2016. They will be joined by thirty five industry executives, closed loop and materials experts, government officials and investors who will share insight, guidance and commitments to help support and scale their innovations.