How do we make Circularity the obvious choice?

May 7, 2018
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May 7, 2018 Sofus Midtgaard

How do we make circular and more sustainable choices accessible and affordable for customers, and profitable for businesses?

This question was at the center of this year’s LAUNCH Big Think that was held on April 9th at the eBay HQ in San Jose, California. Together representatives from companies and organizations like IKEA, LEGO, Apple, eBay, Interface, Dell, VF Corporation, and Kvadrat explored this question alongside organizations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, GreenBiz, and the Closed Loop Fund. Together, all 35 participants took a wide and deep view of what attributes are imperative to create a Circular Society by 2030 with customers and new business models being at the center of this change.

To view highlights from the day, take a look at the short video below:

You can also watch the live-streamed videos with IKEA, VF Corp, Interface, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, LEGO Group and eBay at our previous post here.

Curious on the Insights from the Day?

All inputs captured at the Big Think will be actively used over the coming month to shape this year’s Innovation Challenge Statement, to be released in June 2018. If you can’t wait for the announcement of this years Innovation Challenge, we have reflected on the four key innovation opportunities discussed at the Big Think in a Summary Report. The key opportunities identified are:

  • Trust
  • Experiences
  • Ownership
  • Transparency

To learn more, download the full Summary Report with insights and findings from the Big Think, along with more about the LAUNCH Challenge process and next steps:

Download summary report


Håkan Nordkvist at LAUNCH Big Think eBay

“For IKEA, becoming circular is a huge opportunity to innovate and find new ways to meet people’s needs and dreams at home within the limits of the planet. By truly understanding people’s needs, we can design relevant offers and meet customers’ needs in new ways. We are just at the beginning, but are starting to test a range of solutions, including exploring new business models.”

Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation, IKEA Group

Chris Librie eBay

“eBay as a platform contributes to giving products a second and third life. In that way you can say that our platform is already an important vehicle in the Circular Economy. A key factor in bringing customers and citizens along on this journey towards a Circular Society is convenience. We are excited to host this year’s Big Think and to explore this truly important challenge with world class partners and thinkers.”

Chris Librie, Senior Director – Global Impact and Giving, eBay

Barruch-Ben-Zekry VF Corporation tyo the right in discussion with participants

We are witnessing a new generation that are used to owning less and sharing more. Some characterize them as the ‘Insta-gratification generation’, but I see strong signs that we are facing a generation that is ready for a fundamental shift in ownership and business-models. We are eager to contribute to this exploration.”

Barruch Ben-Zekry, Director – Sustainable Business Value, VF Corporation

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