December 14, 2016 casper

How can we improve health outcomes by enabling people across the world to make healthy food choices?

In September, the LAUNCH team asked innovators to answer that question. Our call for applications closed last week, and we are thrilled to report that we received 280 applications. The applicant pool has an unprecedented geographic spread, covering 74 countries across six continents. Four in 10 applicants are women. And the types of applicants range from individuals to corporations, universities, NGOs, social enterprises, and more.

The innovations coming to plates, farms, and gardens near you range from insect protein to indigenous grains. LAUNCH Food applicants are using data to create smarter food systems: more efficient farms, more food-friendly processing methods, and ways to divert food waste from stores and restaurants. They’re turning the world’s backyards and empty lots into lush, abundant gardens. And they’re creating new ways to make healthy, sustainable lifestyles accessible to all.

Check out our infographic to get a sense of who our LAUNCH Food applicants are (click to enlarge).

What’s next? LAUNCH Food network members will review each application, and winning innovators will be announced in February. Watch this space for updates!