January 30, 2013 dennis.bonilla

Yashraj Khaitan of Gram Power presented an integrated microgrid technology at LAUNCH: Energy on November 12, 2011. After receiving an email about Gram Power's recent successes we caught up with Mr. Khaitan to talk. Yashraj had this to say about the unique benefits of LAUNCH:

1) It was an amazing confidence booster. No other platform than NASA and such amazing people from around the world who attend launch to selflessly help the innovators can provide better encouragement. It really made us feel for real that we're up to something!

2) The networking format in launch is unbeatable. Spending 2 full days with the council members, dedicated roundtable sessions, excursions, bus rides, etc. helped us get connected with them in a very useful and personal way. Even if I ping any of them today, they'll remember me and would probably go out of their ways to help out.

3) The launch team is insanely dedicated to the cause. They were more proactive in assisting us and helping us meet our targets than we ourselves were. Victor, John and Lena were great mentors to me when we were interacting with council members and closing our investment deal. They almost made me feel like family :).

4) Lack of competition amongst the 10 teams was a boon. It enabled me to really learn from them and be free about any discussion I wanted to have with them.

We are so excited to hear about his progress. Jacob and Yash of Gram Power are changing people’s lives in India.  Average people will be able to start businesses that were previously impossible to do so without electricity.  Their dreams were big – and they were not afraid to try to change a little place like India.