December 11, 2012 casper

Asthmapolis was one of the companies selected to participate in the LAUNCH Health program which began last fall with the Forum.

In collaboration with a diverse group of experts and innovators, the LAUNCH Forum provided a great opportunity to share the stories behind our technology and to develop our plans for the next stages. Since many of the LAUNCH Health projects were facing the same essential challenges, we benefitted from the rapid cross-pollination that occurred – not to mention the support and encouragement of the LAUNCH Council, a collection of skilled, supportive and enthusiastic mentors from a variety of industries.
The LAUNCH Team has continued to strengthen Asthmapolis through the Accelerator phase. During this period, the team has provided an invaluable, external perspective helping us sharpen everything from fundraising to business strategy and marketing. Their input routinely adds enormous value to our early stage company and helps us navigate and accomplish key milestones such as demonstration projects with major candidate customers.
In short, the guidance and support of the LAUNCH Team has multiplied the small but growing capacity of our small company; we can't recommend LAUNCH enough to anyone interested in accelerating their ability to speed the development of their innovations and springboard their applications to real world problems in water, health and energy.
By David Van Sickle – ASTHMAPOLIS
* The Economist magazine profiled LAUNCH: Health innovator David Van Sickle and his innovation, Asthmapolis, in their Science and Technology feature titled "Inhaling information: how to collect data on asthma while, at the same time, treating it" on April 7th, 2011.