September 20, 2012 casper

Got milk? I know some people who do. Promethean Power Systems is revolutionizing the Indian dairy market with their commercial refrigeration systems that eliminate the need for backup diesel generators. The path of Promethean is an impressive one: from a startup company out of MIT, to finalists at the LAUNCH: Energy Forum, and now tackling energy shortages in India head on.

The US Secretary of State agrees. This May, Hilary Clinton announced Promethean Power Systems as the winner of the first Indo-US Science and Technology Endowment Board grant, a bi-lateral program designed to promote collaboration between US and Indian firms.

Here’s an excerpt from Secretary Clinton’s remarks in New Delhi:

“The grant goes to a partnership between an American startup, Promethean Power, and India-based Icelings. They have developed a solar- powered system for refrigerated storage to keep fresh fruits and vegetables from spoiling. And this is a huge advance for India because lack of storage causes Indian farmers to lose approximately $10 billion in crops each year. This innovation promises farmers more income while also improving consumer’s access to fresh produce throughout the year. This partnership united different experiences and areas of expertise, and now with a little help from the endowment fund, Promethean Power and Icelings are helping solve a practical challenge that will make a real difference to people’s lives and incomes.”

Promethean has other cause for cheer. It has just won their first repeat order from one of India's largest dairies.

Sorin Grama, CEO of Promethean Power Systems has the following to say about LAUNCH: “The LAUNCH Forum, true to its name, was a great launching platform for us.  One customer order, contacts in the US dairy industry and an invitation to a prestigious conference on world economic development can directly be traced to our participation in the LAUNCH forum.“

LAUNCH is proud to be working with Promethean Power Systems, whose technology has the power to transform dairy farmers in remote villages throughout the world.

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By Lena Delchad