Yashrav Khaitan : Gram Power


Gram Power

A micro/mini-grid solution for underserved communities that utilizes modular battery storage technology, energy management intelligence, and a pre-payment model.

Smart DC microgrids that provide clean, reliable, affordable, and scalable electrical power to underserved populations in remote rural areas of the developing world.


400 million people in India and 560 million in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to energy. They resort to the use of kerosene fuel, which releases more than 190 million tons of carbon dioxide into the environment and claims 1.5 million lives each year.


Gram Power has developed an integrated smart microgrid technology that offers: (1) an innovative power management unit (PMU) in every home to provide intelligently metered pre-paid power with multiple AC and DC voltage outputs; (2) distributed storage (battery backup at the household level) to minimize investment and losses related to centralized battery banks; and (3) DC transmission technology to prevent theft. The modular and scalable design of PMUs and storage enables Gram Power to setup microgrids for 20 to 1000 homes catering to individual energy needs of 11Wh to 2000Wh.

“Our innovation does two things – allows people to leapfrog from no power to a highly efficient smart microgrid, and enables them to use their disposable income instead of savings to purchase power. We believe that we have the potential to mirror the cell phone revolution in the energy industry.” – Yashraj Khaitan, Founder and CEO of Gram Power


To provide affordable, flexible, and sustainable power to 2.6 billion of the world’s poor living without reliable electricity.

“Reliable power is a critical ingredient for development. Gram Power creates access to this basic resource, enabling 40% of the world population to get connected to the global marketplace and become a part of the modern information economy.” – Yashraj Khaitan, Founder and CEO of Gram Power