LAUNCH Textiles

Vigga Svensson:

A circular subscription model for children’s wear.


An only four months old baby has already outgrown two rounds of clothing sizes – it is expensive and a massive waste of resources. Vigga solves the problem every parent faces – no matter where they live: The child grows, the clothes don’t.


Vigga is a new kid’s wear brand and a circular subscription service. The concept is an innovative business model that combines sustainability and fashion consumption, and makes them work together instead of against each other.

The model: Based on a monthly subscription fee, the customer receives 20 pieces of designer clothes in his/her child’s current size. When the child’s clothes become too small, they are exchanged for a new package one size bigger. The returned clothes are treated and checked for flaws in an environmentally certified professional laundry, repackaged and sealed with a quality stamp. The clothes are then delivered to the next customer, and the circular concept is now in action. Test results show that the clothes can circulate 5-7 times.


The Vigga.US business model has the potential to reduce the footprint up to 80%, compared to the traditional children’s fashion consumption. This circular model can accelerate a powerful movement, which can lead to a whole new and meaningful way of consumption.

”In my work on sustainable business models, Vigga is without any doubt one of the absolute best examples I have seen of a new business model which is both environmentally and socially sustainable, and at the same time has huge potential for up-scaling and for creating substantial profits.”
– Lars Mortensen, Head of Sustainable Consumption and Production European Environment Agency