LAUNCH Materials

Vaira Obuka: Saproglue

Vaira Obuka of Saproglue, LAUNCH Materials Innovator
  • Latvia


Bio-based glue made from freshwater lake sediments.


Most glues and binders on the market today are environmentally unfriendly, the production is dependent on depletable resources and the final product is toxic to humans.


Saproglue is a natural glue made from organic rich freshwater lake sediments. Saproglue is ecofriendly, non-toxic and non-allergic and enhances the life cycle of the final product. It does not require a high amount of components, it’s not harmful to health and environment, and manufacturing as well as application of Saproglue does not generate harmful emissions.


To clear fresh water lakes to create better ecosystems, and at the same time to reach a level of production that will reduce the toxic substance release from other glues to the environment by impressive15% every year.