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Sven Philipsen: Eachthing

Sven Philipsen

Eachthing is a digital home for all things that empowers conscious consumers to research and create impact when buying products.


The current product information available on labels is too complex, unreliable and unrelated to what the consumers seek. In many ways leaving them in an inconvenient doubt of what to buy.
We are a solution that expands the physical presence of a product. This way we make it possible to have unlimited information available for each product. Our artificial intelligence allows us to adapt the products virtual label with information and stories uniquely to the users’ needs, behavior and preferences.

We encourage the consumer to share their recommendations and what information they find important about products they buy or love. This way consumers and producers will be connected in a way more personal way than product labels and segmentation allows today. Creating better, more valuable products and stronger cohesion between new conscious consumers and their favorite brands.


A platform where things are uniquely presented by their capabilities and how they fit the consumers’ needs and ever-evolving demands.

We will let products stand out on the shelf by giving them multiple stories and value propositions compared to the one that is possible on a physical label.
We make it worth for companies to have the best, trustworthy and transparent products. A competition we expect will create real impact on environment, health, work conditions etc.

The solution is built with the newest technologies: product (image/barcode) recognition through the mobile camera, augmented reality, chatbots and of cause artificial intelligence to create the best experience and matches for the user.


To make it easier to choose what matters to you and to make your choices matter.