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Scott Fulbright: Living Ink Technologies

Living Ink Technologies

Living Ink makes renewable and biodegradable printing ink from algae.


Every year over 4 billion kg of ink is produced worldwide. The majority of printing ink in the market uses petroleum-derived components, including pigments. Other ink products use inorganic chemicals that are known to be toxic, such as cadmium. Approximately 4 billion kg of ink is produced worldwide, which, in its current form is not sustainable, not renewable and toxic.


Living Ink has developed technology that uses algae cells in ink formulations as bio-pigments with the remaining ink components comprised of water- or plant-based materials. Living Ink will not stop there; they are working on making ink created from 100% bio renewable content that is safe for humans and the environment.


Living Ink envisions sustainable algae technologies as a replacement for petroleum-derived products, such as ink. They are working to develop a variety of ink products and colors, including digital ink. Currently, screen, letterpress and offset ink is being developed and refined.