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Sara Green Brodersen: Deemly

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Sara Green Brodersen and Jens Farvig Thomsen

Deemly is a social verification tool for P2P platforms helping increase trust and activity.


The driving force in the sharing economy is trust, but it is still a major barrier for growth and user adoption. 69% of users worry about taking part in the sharing economy and the number of scams has tripled in the last year. 90% of sharing platforms report that their biggest problem is creating trust between users


We allow users to gather their data with a main focus on their credibility (ratings and reviews) accrued across different platforms e.g. Airbnb or Ebay. Our solution enables platforms to invite users to gather their credibility (creating a Trust Profile) directly via their sign up on any given platform. This will showcase user’s trustworthiness which is displayed on their profile.

It is the user’s discretion to add and remove any information and the service is free for the user. We charge a subscription or licence fee to larger platforms to help them increase trust and activity.


We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable using the sharing economy, because we believe it represents an opportunity to improve the environment, the economy and even our culture when we get into the mindset of sharing.