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Rien Otto: Dutch aWEARness

Dutch aWEARness

Returnity Work Wear demonstrates the realization of a fully circular supply and production chain in the workwear market, reducing the environmental impact of the many processes associated with textiles


The very limited reuse of textiles today leads to global textile waste, causing serious environmental damage and a shortage of raw materials in the coming years.


Returnity Work Wear reduces the impact of waste by designing for reuse at the design stage, improving recall processes for worn garments and developing recycling technologies and infrastructure to capture the materials for closed loop applications. The reuse is guaranteed by a circular track and trace management system.


Compared to cotton, Returnity Work Wear leads to the following savings: CO2 savings 73%, waste management 100%, use of raw materials 61%, use of energy 64%, use of water 95%, SO2 reduction 8%, Ammonia reduction in NOx equivalents 82%. Realizing these savings there is no need for new raw materials, thanks to the fully recyclable fabric.