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Rey Banatao: Connora Technologies


Connora Technologies

Connora Technologies has developed a novel ‘Programmable Chemistry’ platform for making the world’s first recyclable thermoset polymers.


Currently thermoset composite waste, including e-waste, is ‘recycled’ by grinding, sorting, and burning (pyrolysis) methods. Not only are these approaches energy intensive and costly, but also environmentally damaging. Automotive and aerospace applications are actively seeking more efficient recycling approaches to meet cost reduction needs, regulatory compliance and to lower their environmental footprint.


For the first time, Connora’s Recyclamines® allows high value composites to be designed for recyclability from the start. It enables the most efficient method for reclaiming high value composite materials (carbon fiber, precious metals, plastics) with no sacrifice to material performance using a simple, low energy process, with an environmentally friendly recycling solution. Recyclamines® allow a previously unrecyclable material to be reused, and prevents landfilling or burning of composites waste.

STAGE OF INNOVATION: Commercial/Market Deployment


Success for Connora will be defined by rapid adoption of our novel approach to making recyclable composites. Connora aims to be the pioneer that defines recyclability for this class of performance plastics. By equipping the industry with a new approach and technology to create value from a novel waste stream, we intend to grow the market for recycled composite waste.