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Rebecca Trevalyan: Library of Things

Rebecca Trevalyan

Library of Things makes the DIY and Hobby products that everyone would love to rent, rentable!


Like many urban residents, we were cash-strapped, living in small flats with little storage, and socially isolated – we didn’t know our neighbours. We thought, ‘why do we all buy and own things like drills, sewing machines & steam cleaners when we could just access them when we needed them?’


Library of Things lets you rent a sound system, hedge trimmer, drill, GoPro, steam cleaner and more as easily as you’d rent a Zipcar or Ofo bike.

Visit your local library or housing block to unlock, collect and return 70 tried & tested Things from the self-serve kiosk, paying less than 10% of what you’d pay to buy them.

Then receive your invitation to get involved and earn credits – host a DIY class or sewing workshop, or join your neighbours in spreading the word or repairing Things.


In 10 years time, there are 400+ Library of Things sites across the UK, and it’s growing in global cities too.

1.5+ million people now access high quality products affordably. Thousands have become more involved in their community – their neighbours have become friends and high streets have become home. And thousands of tonnes of toxic waste are spared from landfill – equivalent to 175 London buses. A wave of new leasing and rental models has been catalysed across retail and product manufacture too, reducing pressure on natural resources.