Rana Gupta : Felsuma LLC (Geckskin)


Felsuma LLC (Geckskin)

Geckskin is a device that can attach and release effortlessly, repeatedly and quietly without affecting either surface.


Adhesives and fasteners such as hooks, screws, nails, glue, tape, zippers, buttons, and Velcro® are disposable materials that are bulky and loud (apparel) and ruin surfaces either by puncturing them or leaving a sticky residue (walls). Furthermore, each of these products performs one function, take it or leave it. None can be tuned to meet the needs of the surface(s) and user experience requiring attachment and release.


Geckskin is a device designed to attach and release from surfaces repeatedly. The innovation is in the structure, not the chemistry. Geckskin uses commercial materials such as nylon and polyurethane among others. By structuring the Geckskin components, Felsuma can manipulate the shear force and peel in the desired directions.

“Our innovation is a new approach to attach and release. Geckskin uses neither classic pressure sensitive adhesive (scotch tape) forces, nor the mechanical properties of a zipper or nail. Geckskin will create new industries of products that we have not envisioned because we have been stuck in a singular-use attach paradigm for decades.” – Rana Gupta, CEO of Felsuma LLC

Stage of Innovation: Prototype


Geckskin will transform the way society, including consumers and engineers, think about attaching and releasing materials and surfaces. The high-capacity, easy-release capability will impact the way that structures and devices are constructed, enabling recycling and re-use for designs that have traditionally been only possible in a consumable form, and potentially opening up innovation for technologies from electronics to house goods and clothing.

“We have been able to create 100% renewable forms of Geckskin, and Geckskin is designed to be resused thousands of times. For these reasons, our innovation is a step forward towards a more environmentally friendly approach.” – Rana Gupta, CEO of Felsuma LLC