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Monica Becker: GC3 Innovation Portal

GC3 Innovation Portal

The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council’s Innovation Portal is a vibrant marketplace of ideas, knowledge, and inspiration where innovators and technology seekers connect to accelerate development of safer chemistry and products.


The green chemistry community is growing but “seekers” and “solvers” are often disconnected. Developing workable solutions to green chemistry challenges often need collaboration, networking, dialogue, information sharing. There are just a few fora, opportunities, or mechanisms for these connections to happen. Entrepreneurs and researchers, chemical companies and brands, investors and government agencies, and GC3 partner organizations are seeking a facilitated platform to identify strategic resources and development partners, a place to ask questions and get answers; and make contacts.


The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council’s Innovation Portal is a new platform designed to create, grow, and connect a community of green chemistry innovators in industry, academia, government, the investment community, and non-profit sector. The Portal will be a unique resource, a moderated, facilitated “” for the green chemistry community. A facilitator or matchmaker will connect seekers to information, people or companies with technologies, research and testing capabilities, scaling, and other resources.



We envision a large global community of participants (i.e., 500+ participants), actively engaged in the Portal effort, seeking and providing ideas and resources to advance their green chemistry efforts and green chemistry more broadly outside their organizations. We envision fruitful connections being made between researchers, technology developers, product manufacturers, brands, and funders that are being translated into green chemistry innovation and technology diffusion.

“The Green Chemistry Innovation Portal is central to the GC3’s efforts to ‘mainstream’ green chemistry, so that all chemistry is green chemistry and all products are green products.” – Monica Becker