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Molly Morse: Mango Materials

Mango Materials

Mango Materials produces affordable biodegradable plastics from methane, a greenhouse gas.


Plastics are convenient and ubiquitous in everyday life but traditionally manufactured from oil, a non-renewable resource. At the end of their useful lives, few plastics are actually recycled and therefore persist in landfills or oceans for thousands of years. The build up of non-biodegradable plastic in the environment harms ecosystems and pollutes natural resources. Additionally, methane, a potent GHG, is produced in excess by WWTPs, landfills, agricultural facilities, and industries.


Mango Materials transforms waste methane, into biodegradable plastics that are economically and functionally competitive with oil-based plastics. The methane is captured and fed to naturally occurring bacteria that produce the biodegradable plastic. Once that product is no longer needed, the PHA will break down in a microbial rich environment producing methane which can be turned back into PHA with Mango Materials’ cradle-to-cradle process.



As an environmentally conscious company, we strive to produce a polymer that will replace traditional plastics in everyday goods. The ability to produce a single-use product that will not persist in the environment drives the team every day. Once our biopolymer is used in products and distributed to a wide audience for everyday use, then we will consider our hard work a success.

“I am incredibly excited about the enormous potential Mango Materials has to transform the way plastics are designed, manufactured and valued at the end of their useful life.” – Molly Morse