LAUNCH Closing the Loop

Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao: Biocellection


BIOCELLECTION is a scalable biotech platform that upcycles plastic pollution into valuable biosurfactants for the textile industry.

Imagine that we can upcycle plastic pollution into valuable compounds for textiles using genetically engineered bacteria.


Each year, we produce 300MM tons of plastics globally, and over 90% ends up in landfills, incinerators, and the oceans rather than being regenerated into new materials. The plastic end-of-life challenge exists because it is currently not economical to recycle most types of low-value plastics, and we lack robust conversion technologies to increase the final product value. As a result, plastic pollution has become a global crisis that threatens the safety of wildlife and the food supplies of over 4 billion people.


BioCellection’s conversion technology involves the chemical breakdown of plastic polymers, such as polystyrene and post-consumer film, into organic compounds, followed by biological conversion into valuable products. BioCellection upcycles unrecyclable plastic waste into valuable compound rhamnolipid for textiles using genetically engineered bacteria. It happens in a two-step process that tackles plastic pollution one plastic at a time. By coupling chemistry and synthetic biology, Biocellection creates a novel process that breaks down plastic into usable building blocks that are then turned into other valuable materials.


BioCellection is tackling plastic pollution one step at a time. We are starting with polystyrene and polyethylene film due to the vast amounts being used and sent to the landfill each year. The goal is to upcycle mixed and contaminated plastics (including ocean plastics) that are currently unrecyclable into valuable products accepted by markets beyond the oil loop. This innovation has the potential to clear plastic pollution around the world and disrupt the textiles industry. The vision of Biocellection is to turn a global crisis into an even greater opportunity.

“It’s accurate to say plastic pollution is now a global crisis that doesn’t just threaten the lives of millions of wildlife, but also is threatening the safety of literally everyone in this room and everyone on this planet.”

– BIOCELLECTION, CEO Miranda Wang, 2016.