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Mesbah Sabur and Jordi de Vos: Circularise

Mesbah Sabur

Circularise is an open, distributed and secure communications protocol.


A circular economy can unlock an estimated USD4.5 trillion worth of economic growth in the coming decade. But its success depends on more transparency and communication in supply chains. This, however, poses a risk to the competitive advantage of stakeholders. Whether we talk about price, material composition, past and present ownership, maintenance logs or even end-user data. To successfully transition to a circular economy on a global level, we need to find a way to be more transparent without risking one’s competitive advantage.


Circularise is an open-source, distributed communications protocol for circular value chains with its key feature being ‘smart questioning’. Smart questioning allows stakeholders to ask questions about a product/part/material, and receive trusted answers. The answers are based on (audited/auditable) data that has never been shared, allowing anyone to keep their competitive advantage while collaborating when needed.


Today’s global economy is primarily a one-way system in which materials flow in a linear ‘take, make, waste’-fashion. This system relies on low-cost, easily accessible primary raw materials. Circularise accelerates the advent of a more sustainable economic model, the circular economy, by introducing the first open-source communications protocol that allows for transparency without putting your competitive advantage at risk.