Matt Sanders: iMetrikus MediCompass Connect

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iMetrikus MediCompass Connect

Networked healthcare management system allows patients to monitor and store their health status and send that data to their doctor and caregivers instantly.


Tracking chronic health conditions in large populations is difficult because most management and treatment happens when patients are at home. As a result, doctors are forced to care for patients by using interventional methods rather then with prevention. And waiting until people have significant health problems, complications, and declining health is not only bad for the patient it is an expensive and less-effective form of health care.


MediCompass Connect uses available technology to connect patients with their doctors on a regular basis. Home monitoring devices (such as blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors) are connected to iMetrikus’s technology and the biometrics they record are sent via modem, PC, or smart phone through the company’s secure data center and directly to a patient’s doctor.

“By using technology in the form of more timely and better information – and getting that communicated – you can lower costs, prevent complications, have more timely interventions, and make better personal decisions about how to keep chronic conditions from getting out of control.” — Matt Sanders, CEO iMetrikus


Ultimately, the networked system will allow patients more control over their own health and treatment. By sending their daily health status to a database that is readable on any device anyone can track and manage their health worldwide.

“We view this as having the potential to become a utility for healthcare systems anywhere in the world. People using their phone in their pocket or their tablet in their briefcase can get critical information that helps inform decision making about the current state of their health metrics. We can deliver it at low cost so health care can change its models to be proactive rather then reactive.” — Matt Sanders, CEO iMetrikus