LAUNCH Green Chemistry

Marty Dugan


ANDalyze has a product for heavy metals testing in water thats been validated by the US EPA and solves the problem of getting fast, accurate, on-site readings of heavy metal concentrations in water, to protect people from contaminated drinking water sourc


Water pollution is a worldwide problem affecting developing and developed countries alike. Heavy metal contaminants are one prevalent type of water pollutant that are persistent in the environment. The problem of heavy metal pollution arises from several factors including naturally existing sources in groundwater and as a result of industrial processes where heavy metal concentrations are in discharged water from factories.


ANDalyze technology uses DNA as a sensor molecule to accurately detect and measure heavy metal concentrations in water in the field in less than two minutes. This greatly reduces the cost and complexity of testing water sources for trace metal contamination which previously had to be done in a laboratory setting.

STAGE OF INNOVATION: Commercial/Market Deployment


This technology will give the world better, faster and less costly data on water sources – driving a better understanding of where trace metal contamination is and how highly it is concentrated. We envision our product being accepted by the market as a new analytical method to test water quality to protect humans from damaging effects of heavy metals.

“It’s time to change the game in the fight against water pollution. The combination of new green chemistry technology, product design and information technology is revolutionizing pollution prevention.” – Marty Dugan