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Lon Negrin: Nano-Dye


A ‘drop-in’ sustainable dye solution that changes the current method of dyeing cotton or cotton blended textiles


The problems with the current system of dyeing cotton and cotton-blended textiles are the massive pollution and the water and energy use caused by textile dye plants globally. The current method is still from the industrial revolution and, although improved, it is still antiquated.


The Nano-Dye Process is a “drop-in” innovation which reduces pollution by over 90% compared to conventional cotton textiles dyeing. Nano-Dye’s process changes the charge of the cotton molecule to the opposite charge of the dye, and then lets nature do all the work.

Nano-Dye took a radical look at the current process and created a real, practical and industrially proved method to use a ‘drop in’ solution to change the current method of dyeing cotton or cotton blended textiles, using the current textile mill equipment and dye inventory.

Nano-Dye is a proven dyeing process and technology, beta-tested and ready for production with their strategic dye plant partner.


Energy savings of Nano-Dye are remarkable at over 90%. Solid waste in the effluent is reduced by over 95%, and water savings are over 60%.

The Nano-Dye patent-pending process and apparatus is the solution that the cotton textile dyeing industry has been waiting for, as this theory of changing polarity on cotton tubular knit greige fabric has been plagued with problems for years.

“By now tapping into nature’s intrinsic energy, we set a new standard for corporate social responsibility in the cotton textile dyeing industry.”
– Lon Negrin, Co-Founder and CEO of Nano-Dye