SIRUM disrupts the pharmaceutical supply chain by redistributing unused, unexpired medicine that would otherwise be destroyed.


While 1 out of 3 adults in the United States do not have the means or access to prescription medicines, a staggering $5 billion of usable medicine ends up destroyed in incinerators, dumped in landfills or flushed each year thereby adding dangerous contaminants to the water supply.


SIRUM is a pioneering nonprofit organization that enables local, ongoing donations of medicine and supplies. SIRUM’s medicine donation program, currently serving California, changes the regulated medicine disposition process to permanently convert medicine destroyers into medicine donors, reducing environmental waste and providing life-saving medicines to those in need. SIRUM’s online platform connects unopened, unexpired medicines from health facilities, manufacturers and wholesalers with the needs of patients in safety-net clinics and coordinates all of a donation’s logistics including itemized drug manifests, tracking and shipping.

“With families literally making the choice between buying medicine and groceries, it’s unconscionable to be throwing away usable prescription drugs. SIRUM’s platform supports donation over destruction, promoting sustainable healthcare practices by reducing waste.” – Kiah Williams, Co-Founder and Director, SIRUM


SIRUM’s goal is zero medicine waste. Until now no satisfactory disposal method existed for the hundred thousand tons of medicine that is dumped every year. Redistributing medicine not only prevents this toxic waste from entering our water supply, but helps uninsured patients get medicine that they could not otherwise afford.

“I have been in the long term care industry for 20 years and have been so frustrated to see all the waste. I am so glad to hear that there is a service that allows me to donate the medicine rather than throwing it away.” – Joanna, Administrator, East Bay CAHF (Medicine Donor)