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Katrine Hesseldahl: STRATA


STRATA is modular-designed furniture that changes according to life scenarios.


Today, more than ever, people experience changing living situations, such as changes in family size and home furnishing needs. They increasingly face the burden of moving from place to place, living in rented space, and the stress involved in changing their furniture. In this process, they create large amounts of waste, which ends up in landfills. For landlords, renting out many furnished apartments is tendency is increasingly costly, time-consuming and complex to manage.


STRATA is a flexible, modular and circular furniture ecosystem with a circular business model, based on “the logic of layers”. It addresses the home furnishing challenges of tenants and landlords. STRATA deals with different life expectancies of product parts by splitting furniture into layers. This allows for flexibility through modularity, customisation, smarter use of resources and new models of ownership.


STRATA’s main objective is to accelerate the transition to circular business models. By creating this new category of furnishing services they wish to disrupt current linear business models.