Jeff Toolan : Pylantis

LAUNCH Beyond Waste
  • Japan


Bioplastics company with a proprietary process that combines organic fillers (waste) with plant plastic resins to create high waste content injection molded products capable of withstanding temperatures up to 140C.

Pylantis produces a wide variety of products that provide a commercially viable alternative to environmentally unsustainable traditional petroleum-based plastic products.


Petroleum-based plastics do not biodegrade, are toxic to the environment, and may have lasting long-term public health impacts. Plastics are in our homes, on the streets, and now in the oceans, forests, and even our bodies. While the total impact of this amount of plastic being thrust into the environment is still being assessed, it is clear that new, viable and uncompromising alternatives to plastic containers and packaging is desperately needed and would be beneficial to a more sustainable future.


Pylantis produces a viable alternative to traditional plastic with its pioneering biomass-based materials which use an advanced and proprietary mechanical process. The company holds key patents covering advanced injection molding machines and technologies, and its processes creates molded products from a number of innovative new resins which in some cases combine semi-solid waste stream sources for up to 70% of the raw feedstock.

“Our technology represents the culmination of decades of research and development across multiple countries, universities, and multi-national enterprises, which will transform the daily lives of consumers and the environment both in the United States and around the world.” – Jeff Toolan, Founder and CEO of Pylantis


Produce alternatives to plastics in a variety of forms from agricultural waste (non food) plant resins and a variety of semi-solid organic fillers (waste) to create mass commercialization of biomass-based plastics. Pylantis’s goal is to replace a large segment of the petrochemical plastics market with safe, non-toxic, extended life cycle, recyclable and compost ready alternatives.

“Our long-term vision is to source our PLA from organic waste suppliers and agro-recycling companies which creates demand for agro-wastes of all kinds. In the future PLA and other organic fillers can become the building blocks for all types of products around the world, creating opportunities both domestically and abroad for a cleaner, safer and more productive global future.” – Jeff Toolan, Founder and CEO of Pylantis