Jason Aramburu : re:char

LAUNCH Beyond Waste


Biochar: a carbon-negative soil amendment to grow more food and fight climate change.


Billions of people worldwide rely on agriculture for income, but face the triple challenge of soil degradation, climate change and food insecurity. Without innovative agricultural technologies, our growing and warming planet will be unable to feed itself.


re:char’s technology allows farmers worldwide to convert their waste into biochar, a carbon-negative soil amendment that can boost crop yield up to 200%. Biochar has been demonstrated to offset up to 12% of CO2 emissions each year. With this technology, all producers—from subsistence farmers to organic gardeners—can grow more food and fight global climate change.

“We have improved the lives and yields of subsistence farmers in Kenya and organic growers in the US through biochar products.” – Jason Aramburu, Founder and CEO of re:char


re:char will develop a suite of carbon-negative products that allow users to grow more food with fewer inputs and to sequester carbon.

“Our vision is to use our knowledge — which combines the best of both ancient process and modern technology — to achieve a systems win: more food, more sequestered carbon and less waste. This is as important in the developing world as in the developed world. We are dedicated to both. – Jason Aramburu, Founder and CEO of re:char