Jamie Simon : Powerzoa

  • United States


A smart system that allows enterprise-level energy managers to automate control of energy down to the appliance level, stopping power waste.

An integrated system for facilities to easily measure, manage, and control electricity consumption so that cost and emissions can be reduced.


The US wastes $15B in kilowatt-hours in stand-by power (or “vampire drain”), equivalent to 2.3B metric tons of CO2 annually. Facing rising energy costs, building energy managers must meet reduction mandates, but lack a comprehensive system to easily address efficiency.


Powerzoa provides a lightweight energy management system that enables company-wide control over electricity. It consists of hardware that stops unnecessary power flow to devices and monitors usage patterns, a software subscription service that includes programmable controls and permission levels, and a cloud-based data analytics engine that makes (and can even implement) smart recommendations for more energy-efficient behavior. The system will offer device-level measurement and control, router connections to the smart meter and all other enabled products, and a full real-time Web dashboard and control panel.

“With increasing attention being paid to the Smart Grid and Smart Meters, people increasingly recognize the true costs of electricity but do not have an easy way to visualize and control consumption. Powerzoa turns information into action.” – Sandra Kwak, Co-founder of Powerzoa


Energy managers no longer need to rely on fragmented technology to measure, manage, and control their energy portfolio. Through this system, costs and greenhouse gas emissions can be simply reduced from the largest source today: buildings.

“Our vision is a future with zero energy waste. We’ll begin by providing our customers with attractive efficiency savings and ultimately lead their facility along a path of sustainability.” – Jamie Simon, Co-founder of Powerzoa