Habib Saqib: Telenor Mobile Agriculture

Telenor Mobile Agriculture

A customized mobile agriculture advisory and direct farmer to consumer eCommerce platform.


During the six month long market research of the food value chain, comprised of detailed interviews with 143 farmers (both male and female), four major challenges were identified being faced by the subsistence farmers affecting their livelihood and nutrition intake.

• Limited access to agriculture information

• Limited to no access to financial services

• Limited access to market

• Supply chain inefficiencies

Problems for consumers are:

• Availability, Quality, and Affordability of food products

The impacts of these challenges are:

• 30 percent to 70 percent yield gap between subsistence and progressive farmers

• 15 – 30%, up to 40% of fruits and vegetables go to waste

• Farmers unable to get right price for their crop due to several intermediaries

• Consumers faced problems of affordability, availability and quality of the right food choices.


Telenor Pakistan’s Mobile Agriculture presents two game changing innovations: Khush’haal Zamindar (Prosperous Farmer) and Farm to Palm. “Khush’haal Zamindar” provides localized, contextualized and customized agronomic and livestock advisory to increase producers’ yield and safeguard nutritional value of the food produced for themselves and the consumers while “” allows urban consumers to buy directly from the farmer, while also encouraging and incentivizing a nutritionally balanced diet.



Telenor Pakistan’s vision is to solve both the supply and demand side problems by helping the farmer produce a greater variety, volume and value of nutritious food and encouraging urban consumers to make the right food choices and have a nutritionally balanced diet.