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Gunnar Thelin: Ekobalans


Sustainable residue handling and fertilizer production.


Globally we use massive amounts of artificial fertilizer produced from limited mineral resources and using large amounts of fossil energy. Furthermore, almost unlimited amounts of nutrient rich residue, such as household waste and sludge, are sent to landfills, or treated with even more limited resources just to be disposed of.


EcoBalans has developed processes to selectively extract and concentrate nutrients from residues and refine these into high quality clean fertilizers, and detoxify the organic residues to make possible sustainable and complete nutrient recycling.


By replacing artificial fertilizers EkoBalans aims to drastically decrease resource consumption and the resulting climate impact, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, storage, transportation and misuse of sludge, manure and other organic wastes, and to substantially improve soil fertility in the long run.