Gijsbert van de Wijdeven: Bioneedle Technologies

  • Netherlands

Bioneedle Technologies

Biodegradable, hollow, implantable needles are filled with vaccine and dissolve in the body within minutes – delivering necessary inoculation and requiring no cleanup or disposal of needles.


The transportation of needles, syringes, and vaccine around the world presents a serious logistics problem. Vaccines deteriorate over time and must be stored in temperature-controlled locations. Used needles also present a dangerous problem as needle sticks and improperly disposed of waste can easily transmit disease.


Using a material that is quickly biodegradable, capable of holding any type of vaccine, and able to withstand high-speed injection Bioneedle creators have addressed the major problems of needle-based injections. The Bioneedle is inserted into a patient using an ultra portable hand held applicator. Once beneath the skin, the needle dissolves and releases a vaccine. There is no waste product and a medical professional is not required to deliver injection or dispose of the used needle.

“Giving vaccinations to newborns, children, and adolescents is the best way of preventing infectious diseases in populations. Bioneedles are applied beneath the skin at such high speed that injection becomes pain free, thus solving the problem of needle fear in many people.” – Gijsbert van de Wijdeven, CSO, Bioneedle Technologies Group


By easing the transportation and delivery of vaccines around the world, the Bioneedle group believes that large populations will easily become vaccinated.

“Thanks to the ultra portability and easy use of Bioneedles many more people can be vaccinated under difficult circumstances. And thanks to the thermo-stable Bioneedles all children will be vaccinated with effective doses thereby increasing the quality of vaccination programs. The ultimate impact is an improved public health status in the world, otherwise non-obtainable with syringes and needles.” – Gijsbert van de Wijdeven, CSO, Bioneedle Technologies Group