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Nanotune Technologies

A new generation ultracapacitor with five to seven times greater energy storage capacity as conventional capacitors.

A new generation of fast-charging, long-lasting, efficient, and affordable ultracapacitors that will soon outperform lithium-ion batteries in energy storage and price.


There hasn’t been a major advance in battery technology since the development of the lithium-ion battery. A breakthrough is needed in order to catalyze the mainstreaming of electric vehicles and renewable global energy systems. This technology is also necessary for increasing the energy efficiency of consumer electronics, which are proliferating globally at a rapidly accelerating rate.


NanoTune has developed an ultracapacitor technology that can store as much as five to seven times the energy of traditional ultracapacitors. Within the next year, the technology’s energy density is expected to double, enabling it to compete with (and possibly soon eclipse) the energy storage capability of lithium-ion batteries. This energy storage capability is due to the development of a new nanoporous electrode material, as well as NanoTune’s use of ionic liquids rather than conventional electrolytes.

“NanoTune’s ultracapacitors have the advantages of chemical inertness, low environmental impact, low-cost manufacturing, and increased performance.” – Frank S. Wang, Founder and CTO of NanoTune Technologies


NanoTune believes its technology will allow millions of people to store energy generated from low and zero carbon sources, to subsequently match supply and demand, and to access safe and reliable green energy at market competitive cost.

“NanoTune’s specialized technologies will create avenues for revolutionary advance. Our ultracapacitors will be the most promising devices for both consumer and industrial applications.” – Kuan Tsae Huang, CEO of NanoTune Technologies