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Fernando Pecoraro: Ambievo Recoy

Ambievo Recoy

RECOY – Soil Washing is focused on solutions that increase energy, water, and raw material efficiency, minimizing the use of constrained resources.


Contaminated soil is becoming a great issue for organisations and for our lives. It is estimated that 81 million of tons of contaminated soil is produced every year. What to do with crude oil or derivatives that spill on the clean soil? Loads of resources are invested to get rid of this material, such as transport, blending, burning, land farming and so on. Besides, the one time high value added product is now considered as waste. Not much has been made to develop new technologies to properly treat such waste in a different way, changing the focus of the treatment.


RECOY is a closed circuit process, built in a mobile platform for transportation allowing the residues to be treated locally at room temperature. It is a small plant with capacity to wash up to 20 tons/hour of any type of contaminated soil with HC, without generating wasted water and recovering the oil which was once a high value added product and is now contaminating the soil and is considered as dangerous.

STAGE OF INNOVATION: Commercial/Market Deployment


Today million of tons of contaminated soil, sand and other materials with oil have no clear and environmentally friendly destination. With RECOY, we envision a revolutionary way to clean contaminated soils where we are capable of recovering the oil without transferring the contaminant to other media while using a natural product where the soil can be returned to its original place without having to remove and transfer the soil to have it treated. It is a disruptive clean tech that focus on the minimization of resources usage.

“The fact that solutions already being deployed are aged and do not address the soil contamination issue in a broader way caught my attention and drove me to the pursue of the development of a new technology with better results and more sustainable.” – Fernando Pecorraro