Erick Toledo: The Chlorine Bank

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The Chlorine Bank

A simple and cost effective program for installing water-purification devices in poor countries.


Gastrointestinal illnesses are the second leading cause of death in the infant populations of many developing countries in Central America like rural El Salvador and Honduras. These illnesses are caused by a lack of access to clean water and sanitation services.


By bringing chlorine-based water purification systems into communities in need, Chlorine Bank assists people with making their water safe to drink. Community demonstrations, on-site training sessions, technical assistance, and follow up visits all ensure that technologies installed in villages and towns not only work for a short time but help communities in the long-term.

“The Chlorine Bank has evaluation records showing a drop in the prevalence of water borne-diseases by at least 25% after just a few months of intervention.” – Erick Toledo, Director New Forests Project and the Clean Water Initiative


The Chlorine Bank can use its grocery-store-style supply chain network to continue providing low-cost water products in rural communities – but on a much larger scale.  Its ultimate goal is to decrease child mortality, improve overall community health, and combat disease.

“We believe that the Chlorine Bank could potentially reach additional 10 million rural residents in other countries in the region including Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica in the future.” – Erick Toledo, Director New Forests Project and the Clean Water Initiative