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Elena Dieckmann: Aeropowder


AEROPOWDER is a sustainable insulation material created from waste feathers.


Around the world, thousands of tons of waste feathers are being generated every day. This represents a significant waste disposal issue for the poultry industry and generally, feathers are either incinerated or converted into a low-grade animal feed. Meanwhile, there is a growing demand for insulation materials around the world, and the vast majority of these are derived from non-renewable resources to create synthetic materials.


AEROPOWDER is exploring the potential of waste chicken feathers. Feathers are composed of keratin, a chemically resistant and physically strong protein. Thanks to their microscopic structure, they are one of the lightest natural fibres in nature and are also excellent thermal insulators.


In the modern world, there is an increasing environmental cost of the products that we use. As a society, we must find innovative solutions so that the materials we create, use and dispose of do not have a harmful, lasting legacy. AEROPOWDER’s aim is to use waste feathers to create sustainable insulation materials for various industries.