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David Nugent: Colorifix


Producing pigments and dyed textiles from agricultural residues, using no acids or solvents – just sugar and biology.


Textile dyeing is one of the most environmentally damaging manufacturing industries in the world. Over 150 L of water are used to dye just 1kg of cotton, whilst untreated dye effluent causes immense damage to waterways and aquatic life.


Colorifix converts agricultural residues into beautiful pigments and dyed textiles. No acids or solvents are used, just sugar and biology. This is a synthetic biology-based approach to revolutionise the dyeing process by helping the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact in a cost-effective manner.


Colorifix’s main drive is to improve the sustainability of the textile dyeing industry. In addition, this new process has the potential to promote local manufacturing and economic growth. Knowing this, Colorifix has made goals to license this innovative process in order to scale their overall impact.