Darren Goldin and Kelly Hagen: Entomo Farms

Future of Food: Edible Insects

High-quality protein products made from sustainably farmed, free-range insects.


The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations urge people in North America to embrace different food and feed options as we approach the year 2050- the year by which our global population will be over 9 billion people. We already have food security issues. We already have feed issues. Our current farming and agricultural methods for protein are unsustainable for our environment. They already consume too many of our limited natural resources of arable land and fresh water with high carbon footprint levels and methane emissions, and they cannot scale to feed so many more people.


Entomo Farms raises and produces the highest quality insect ingredients that are easily added into any diet, providing healthy nutrients to people, and alleviating the strain on the environment caused by current agricultural practices. When the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations released the paper, Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security, the founders of Entomo Farms knew they could provide those in the west with human grade insects as a protein alternative to improve overall human health and help to alleviate the stresses that other forms of protein have put on the planet. Entomo Farms worked diligently to produce a refined insect powder of 100% organic, dry-roasted crickets, because they knew that trying to convince westerners to crunch on critters might be a very challenging task. Consumers can now easily add the nutrient-dense protein powder into anything they cook or bake; cookies, muffins, breads, soups, salad dressings, smoothies, etc. The powder barely changes the taste, the nutrients are then packed into a food that might otherwise have very little nutritional value, and the ecological ‘foodprint’ of that food is small when compared to any other protein source.



The vision of Entomo Farms is to be recognized as a world leader in providing insect protein and nutrition alternatives with great tasting, functional products. Entomo Farms will lead the way in the innovation of insect farming methods and will be respected world-wide for leading as a leader in the ‘protein revolution’ with their esteemed values of integrity, trustworthiness and accountability. Insects as human food and as a feed alternative will greatly disrupt agriculture as we know it, to help to save our planet’s resources.