Burt Hamner : Hydrovolts

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  • United States


An affordable “Switchblade” turbine and “Flipwing” turbine rotor that enables reliable hydroelectricity generation from canals and other managed-flow water courses.

Floating hydrokinetic turbines deployed in artificial water channels and waterfalls that will create new development possibilities along millions of miles of canals.


While hydrokinetic energy from water currents in canals, rivers, streams, and waterfalls has incredible potential, it has remained untapped due to regulatory hurdles and an inability to access it affordably.


The Hydrovolts “Switchblade” turbine and “Flipwing” turbine rotor enable an adaptable hydrokinetic turbine chassis suitable for artificial water channels, where a scalable machine can be installed in fleets to make power from water flows. Hydrovolts turbines are based on a horizontal rotational axis oriented perpendicular to the direction of water flow. This allows access to a much greater fraction of the canal cross-section than axis-parallel (pipe) or vertical-axis designs, and creates high efficiency without significantly affecting water flow. The turbines are easy to install (simply “plug and play”) and are being developed in three sizes (with prototypes for several more underway) to suit a variety of needs.

“Our portable floating turbines turn a water canal into valuable real estate that generates clean energy. Leveraging Hydrovolts technology in these waterways, whether in rural India or the farmlands of North America, can open a new pathway to sustainable, affordable, and clean distributed energy generation.” – Burt Hamner, Founder and CEO of Hydrovolts


Hydrovolts will be a leader in hydrokinetic energy generation by delivering a revolutionary turbine design that can be efficiently deployed and provides clean energy at a price that is competitive with fossil fuels. The opportunity to generate clean, renewable power from water is significant – one large turbine can power a village in India.

“We aren’t just harvesting power from canals; we’re changing the paradigm of how water can answer our energy challenges. Our vision is to enable renewable energy generation throughout the world’s artificial water channels.” – Burt Hamner, Founder and CEO of Hydrovolts