Brooke Farrell : RecycleMatch

LAUNCH Beyond Waste


The first global on-line marketplace for recycling that connects waste generators, recyclers, and manufacturers.

The RecycleMatch platform finds the ‘highest and best use’ for recyclables and ‘waste’ byproducts in the market.


Transactions in the $600 Billion global recycling market are managed offline via rolodex, brokers and excel spreadsheets. Late technology adoption, regulatory avoidance mindset, and general lack of transparency have resulted in a very inefficient market for materials and little meaningful data. This means that companies currently pay to landfill and incinerate materials that have value and could be reclaimed. This not only has direct impact on cost savings and revenue generation, but also on the carbon impact associated with reusing materials instead of extracting new ones from our environment. As manufacturers and society face greater materials shortages, the urgency to reclaim the economic value lost at ‘end-of-life’ is augmented by the need to secure reclaimed resources coming into the value chain.


RecycleMatch has developed a platform that gives waste generators a new and beneficial level of control to manage their recycling market. The platform provides customizable management features designed to drive competition and engage collaboration toward their goals of making more money from the sale of their materials while simultaneously accelerating cost-saving zero waste goals. For recyclers and manufactures, the platform provides an efficient and potentially cost effective solution to access needed materials at competitive costs while simultaneously advancing CSR and sustainability mandates.

“Manufacturers and large generators have a huge opportunity to change the flow of materials and information. By adopting a common platform that gives them each the control to suit their individual needs, these large players are taking the key first step to creating a globally accessible marketplace for the valuable materials most of us still think of as trash.” – Brooke Farrell, Founder and CEO of RecycleMatch


RecycleMatch envisions a world where almost nothing goes to landfill and instead valuable materials are recycled. Corporate and public sector waste generators will easily be able to determine the highest and best use for their materials, and make sound decisions to recoup the maximum economic value with minimal environmental impact.

“Today, waste industry estimates indicate that US companies spend in the neighborhood of $20 Billion to landfill materials that are worth between $20-40 Billion. The problem is, it’s hard to match the materials with the right markets if you are using a rolodex and an excel spreadsheet. This is a data issue.” – Brooke Farrell, Founder and CEO of RecycleMatch