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Brian Mariampillai: Forward Water Technologies

Forward Water Technologies

Forward Water Technologies is a low cost, low energy process for the treatment of challenging, high salinity industrial wastewater.


Currently, vast amounts of contaminated wastewater from fracking and other oil & gas operations pose a significant environmental hazard and are a priority concern for oil companies and the public. This wastewater is very difficult and expensive to treat using current technologies. The ability to reduce the amount of wastewater sent for disposal, in addition to the generation of fresh water, will have a significant impact on these industries as the cost of water acquisition and disposal to the energy industry is growing.


Forward Water’s technology allows for far more effective treatment of wastewater compared to competing methods. The ‘magic’ of our innovation is that our forward osmosis system is driven by dissolved gases that are easily removed post-process by gentle heating. The chemistry generates much higher osmotic pressure systems, thereby more effectively treating high salinity wastewater streams and reducing the costs and hazards associated with produced water transport and storage.



The combination of low energy use and reduced fouling is a game-changer for treatment of the most difficult process wastewater streams, and ultimately will reduce the cost of seawater desalination for agriculture, which is one of the biggest global challenges for humanity in the 21st century. We are building a micro-pilot system which will further demonstrate our process. The next step is full-scale piloting and field deployment. This milestone will be the first step in addressing the global agricultural water challenge.

“I believe that Forward Water’s technology has the ability to unlock the potential of forward osmosis and will change the way we look at wastewater treatment and seawater desalination.” – Brian Mariampillai