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ITN Energy Systems

A revolutionary flexible electrochromic film for windows that allows active control of the sun’s transmitted light and heat.

A thin, flexible material that can be applied to any glass surface, whether it is flat or curved, enabling active and intelligent heat and light management that minimizes energy use within buildings.


Buildings use 40% of the energy consumed in industrial countries, and may have an even larger impact in the developing world. Much of this energy is spent managing heat and light to maintain a comfortable internal environment for occupants.


Electrochromic materials change tint with the application of a tiny amount of current, enabling active control over the amount of light and heat admitted. When deposited on thin, flexible film, electrochromic material can be affixed to any glass surface, allowing for significant energy savings with minimal impact. Since it can be applied even to curved surfaces, it not only can be used for architectural projects but also has a variety of potential uses in the automotive and aerospace industries.

 “With flexible electrochromics, any window can be modified so that flipping a switch changes its opacity to let heat in when the building is too cold, or block that heat from entering when it’s not needed.” – Mohan S. Misra, CEO of ITN Energy Systems


The material’s low cost and versatility remove the barriers to application within both new construction and existing buildings. Buildings will manage heat and light with far less expense and far more comfort for their occupants.

“Affordable, thin-film electrochromics on flexible substrates offer the opportunity to drastically impact global energy usage. By applying this material to windows around the world, we will minimize energy costs and maximize building utility.” – Mohan S. Misra, CEO of ITN Energy Systems