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Anders Lundström: Svenska Aerogel

Svenska Aerogel

New way of making aerogel material for insulation.


Traditional aerogel production is both energy and cost intensive, which severely hampers the adoption rate and subsequent application of this superior material. Aerogel is described as a ‘material of tomorrow’, that can be applied to an array of products from air filters and insulation to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Svenska Aerogel has developed a new production method for aerogel, using ambient pressure at room temperature, that significantly reduces the use of energy and the total cost of production. It is environmentally harmless and recyclable. It is made from sustainable raw materials, it is adaptable to capture virtually all types of pollutants, and has a high insulating capacity. Svenska Aerogel AB has been classified as a “Climate Solver” by the WWF for its potential to dramatically influence the overall insulation filtration and coatings market and contribute to global energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.


This revolutionizing production of Aerogel, will ensure the reduction of energy consumption by significantly improving thermal insulation and minimize the toxic rest products from filtering e.g. water, foods and indoor air. It will also bring new innovative and environmentally friendly coatings and paints to the market.