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Alison Ukonu and Chioma Ukonu: RecyclePoints

Alison and Chioma Ukonu

RecyclePoints is a waste recycling and social benefit venture that motivates people to recycle by creating value from their everyday waste.


In most developing countries, it is a common sight to see streets, drainage channels and even dumpsites littered with recyclable packaging materials which were carelessly disposed by post-consumers. This practice often poses environmental & health hazards to the surrounding communities as they experience disease epidemics and frequently devastated by flooding due to the blockage of water drainage channels by these non-biodegradable recyclables which have become the fastest growing packaging option in our beverage and food manufacturing sectors. Recycling is defined as converting waste into a reusable material and this has been identified as one of the key solutions to reducing the waste pollution scourge.


RecyclePoints is an incentive-based collection scheme that allocates ‘Points’ to the quantity of recyclable items neatly collected at the point of disposal by post-consumers, who in turn use the earned Points to redeem cash, numerous identified household items and services offered as incentives in our platform. Recyclers get an SMS alert notification each time they recycle, to inform on the number of “Points” gained. Thereafter, the Points gained could be traded in exchange for numerous items each tagged with a certain number of Points needed to redeem them. For example, a subscriber to our platform that earns about 150,000 Recycle Points can redeem a laptop, television set or packs of Noodles or bags of Rice.


If we can give value to waste and get it off the ground and bins by accepting it as a form of currency, then we will no longer know waste as waste but as a resource to cater for our social needs. This can be done by introducing various incentive-based models that aim to exchange waste for value which can sustainably be extracted from the material that constitutes the waste. RecyclePoints aims to create circular economies and stop pollution by turning waste into a social currency.